Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Create a hotel empire in Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game!

Hotel Mogul Las Vegas

To many people, Las Vegas is known as "The City of Lights", or "The Entertainment Capital of the World", or simply "The Strip". To Lynette, Las Vegas is a city of opportunity! Be her guiding hand as she creates a hotel empire in the heart of the city, complete with five-star accommodations, restaurants, casinos, and more!

Buy low and then sell high in a winner-takes-all competition for land, money, and bragging rights. Outsmart the competition as you acquire new properties, purchase supplies, and hire workers. And upgrade your holdings until the city shines like the diamond in the desert it was meant to be!

With colorful graphics, levels packed with animation, and hours of addictive time management action, Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas hits the jackpot of fun! Purchase and download the full version today, or download and play the free trial version to sample this exciting casual business sim.

Download Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas and try this exciting casual business sim game

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas Game Features
  • 39 levels
  • Five settings
  • 30 buildings
  • 25 shop upgrades
  • Interactive tutorial

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas Game Screenshots

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game screenshot

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game screenshot

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas game screenshot

Friday, April 22, 2011

Rescue Team game for the fans of time management fun

Rescue Team

Control the rescue workers who rebuild three islands in the wake of devastating weather! Remove debris to free trapped workers. Repair damaged restaurants, houses and sawmills to produce resources. And patch up bridges, helicopter pads and boat docks to restore the infrastructure. Then race against the clock to collect gems, put out fires and save stranded swimmers!

Rescue Team is easy to play. In each of the game's 60 levels, the player simply points and clicks where he or she wants each worker to go next. The challenge is contained in figuring out the quickest way to complete the goals, earning the most money and winning the best trophies. Players who prefer a relaxed experience can finish the levels on their own terms and still progress.

Rescue Team is fun, addictive, and unlike any other game you've played, so grab your hard hat and strap on your utility belt!

Download Rescue Team and restore islands in this time management game

Rescue Team Game Features:
  • 60 levels
  • Six bonuses
  • Three islands
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Home repair mini-game
Rescue Team Game Screenshots

Rescue Team game screenshot

Rescue Team game screenshot

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open and decorate the new stores in Shop it Up! game

Shop it Up

There's great fun in store in Shop it Up!
It's the grand opening of the new mall, the customers are already inside, but the mall is not ready! Your skills are needed to open and decorate new shops. Boost profits with dazzling inventory displays and fancy advertisements. As the new boss, you'll need to meet challenges from the local business leaders. Fun is in the bag ... play Shop it Up!

Download Shop it Up! and get customers shopping in this Time Management experience

Shop it Up Game Features
  • Choose and decorate your favorite shops
  • Pick unique products to sell with fancy displays
  • Hire employees and run ads to boost your profits
  • Work your way through 75 levels across eight mall areas
Shop it Up Game Screenshots

Shop it Up game screenshot

Shop it Up game screenshot

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aztec Tribe: New Land game - a village builders dream come true

Aztec Tribe: New Land
Once a prosperous people, the Aztecs fell victim to a terrible twist of fate as torrential rains, earthquakes and a volcanic eruption wiped their land clean. Forced to start over elsewhere, the survivors made their way to a valley bursting with fish, poultry and vegetation. As their leader, you must use these resources to restore the band of struggling natives to their former glory!

Start out with a grass hut and an apple grove; work your way up to a village with water wells, fisheries and logging facilities; and eventually build a thriving capital city with magnificent buildings, gold mines and warriors for protecting the people. Use your mouse to gather resources, build and upgrade buildings, and hire workers; and use your wits to form the best plan of action for each of the game's 34 captivating levels. Packed with challenges, rewards and vibrant visuals, Aztec Tribe: New Land is a village builders dream come true!

Download Aztec Tribe: New Land game and restore the band of struggling natives to their former glory

Aztec Tribe: New Land Game Features
  • Two games modes
  • 34 captivating levels
  • 14 humorous characters
  • 30 achievements
  • Tutorial

Aztec Tribe: New Land Game Trailer

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Farm Life - Help Lisa win the Farmer of the Year award in the time management game

My Farm Life
One minute, Lisa is signing a contract to be the star of a new show; the next, she's knee-deep in chores as she starts taping the first episode of My Farm Life! Plant and harvest crops, milk cows and shear sheep, and purchase equipment to produce the goods Lisa's customers want, all while smiling for the cameras. With the help of a local merchant and three super-powered assistants, Lisa should have no trouble meeting her goals. Just remember to hire a dog to chase off thieves! Can you win the Show of the Year and the Farmer of the Year awards?

Download My Farm Life and Become the Farmer of the Year

My Farm Life Game Features
  • 100 levels
  • Two game modes
  • 35 achievements
  • Interactive tutorial
  • Lasso-the-animals mini-game
My Farm Life Game Screenshots

My Farm Life game screenshot

My Farm Life game screenshot

My Farm Life game screenshot

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Summer Resort Mogul game - Begin building your dream vacation spot today!

Summer Resort Mogul
Create a world-class getaway in Summer Resort Mogul! Start small with a couple of bungalows and a restaurant, and then add movie theaters, dance clubs, swimming pools and more to entertain your guests. Once money starts rolling in, make smart decisions with regard to workers and supplies, upgrade the buildings you own to make them even more profitable, and do a little marketing, and before you know it, your resort will be second to none! Begin building your dream vacation spot today!

Download and play Summer Resort Mogul and enjoy this time management fun!

Summer Resort Mogul Game Features
  • Three stunning resort locations
  • 45 meticulously detailed levels
  • 12 buildings to build and upgrade
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies
  • Interactive tutoria

Summer Resort Mogul game screenshots

Summer Resort Mogul game screenshot

Summer Resort Mogul game screenshot

Monday, December 20, 2010

Celebrate the holidays with Amelie in Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit game!

Amelies Cafe: Holiday Spirit
Celebrate the holidays with Amelie! Decorate and upgrade three Christmas cafes, prepare a variety of yuletide favorites for your guests, and earn enough money to fill Santa's sleigh on 50 fast-paced levels. Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit also features a match-3 mini-game that allows you to earn bonuses as you play and an all-new special mode for skilled players. With simple but challenging gameplay, delightful holiday graphics and three time management modes to master, Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit is your ticket to Christmas cheer!

Download and play Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit game

Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit Game Features
  • Five bonuses
  • More than 50 holiday-themed levels
  • Santa mode for advanced players
  • Story and Endless modes
  • Three Christmas cafes

Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit game screenshots

Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit game screenshot

Amelie's Cafe: Holiday Spirit game screenshot